wPOWER Hub at the Wangari Maathai Institute, University of Nairobi is a project of the U.S Department of State. Founded in 2013, The wPOWER Hub aims to reduce the adverse effects of household energy use by encouraging families to switch to cleaner, more efficient technologies.


The Hub is working to unlock the largely untapped potential of women and women’s groups to help fill the “last mile” gap in the supply chain to reach areas lacking energy access. At the same time, it is equipping them with leadership, empowerment, entrepreneurship and natural resource management skills to facilitate community transformation.

Our Scope

The wPOWER Hub supports initiatives in all areas around clean energy, especially through research and training on sustainable clean energy entrepreneurship.

Our Focus

The Hub seeks to contribute efforts to improve the adoption of clean energy technologies among grassroots women in Africa and India hence empowering them to be clean energy entrepreneurs and environmental stewards.

The core objectives of the Hub are to: 

  • Build a network of women climate leaders.
  • Assist the building and strengthening of markets for small-scale clean technologies through linking women to economic opportunities and capacity building on energy access.
  • Provide targeted trainings with the wPOWER Hub curriculum; support the coordination of wPOWER and training community trainers.
  • Provide a resource centre and interactive platform for women entrepreneurs.
  • Facilitate exchanges between wPOWER partners in Africa and India to share best practices and business models.
  • Inform research and collect data to build the evidence base on women, energy access and climate solutions.
  • Increase public awareness of the critical role of women in promoting clean energy and combating climate change through advocacy, awareness raising and clean energy exhibits.
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