Training on Sustainable Clean Energy Entrepreneuership

The wPOWER Hub has, begun to build and strengthen markets for small scale clean technologies through linking women to economic opportunities and capacity building on energy access.

The Hub is working to unlock a largely untapped potential of women and women’s groups to help fill the “last mile” gap in the supply chain to reach areas lacking energy access. This potential on women is enhanced through community training on sustainable clean energy entrepreneurship. The target regions are distributed within the country.

Objectives of the training include:
  • To instill knowledge and values on linkages among sustainability, clean energy, livelihoods, environment, climate change and gender.
  • To enhance agency and skills in women-led entrepreneurship in sustainable clean energy markets.
  • To develop the capacity of women who can catalyze change, to inspire, empower transform and create champions of sustainable clean energy.
  • To facilitate the formation of a regional wPOWER Hub women group in each of the selected locations.
Overview of training Modules

The community-training program was structured into 3 modules:

  • Empowering and Developing Trans-formative Leadership
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Sustainable Clean Energy Entrepreneurship

Existence of a highly fragmented energy market and a disjointed value chain has created a need for the wPOWER Hub to facilitate the formation of community based women networks to close the market gaps realised in demand and supply of the clean energy technologies. The Hub continues to form these networks during each of their community trainings in the respective regions.

This has helped push the agenda of clean energy and entrepreneurship to the communities and at the same time reciprocate their learning downstream to the community members who could not be able to attend the training.

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