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wPOWER Hub promotes clean energy technologies at the Nairobi Innovation Week

wPOWER Hub participated in the first ever event that recognises and celebrates innovators and their inventions in Kenya – The Nairobi Innovation Week.The three day event was organised by the University of Nairobi on August 5th -7th, 2015.

The focus of the Nairobi Innovation week,was to bring together all innovation-minded persons to showcase distinct technology-related ideas and products, and/or present papers leading to exhaustive discussions by all aiming to yield practical solutions to the pertinent problems in Africa.

The Hub was exhibiting clean energy technology innovations from various distributors across Africa.

IMG_1873wPOWER Hub Academic Director,Prof.Kiama Gitahi(centre) holding a Solar lantern.

wPOWER Hub staff present at the event engaged crowds in clean energy conversations,challenged many people’s assumptions and prompted new questions- all helping to co-create and shape the clean and renewable energy agenda in Kenya.

The event comprised keynote speeches in plenary sessions, policy discussions, research paper and case study presentations, round-table discussions as well as exhibitions of inventions and innovations by individual innovators, start-ups and organisations.

IMG_1828-001wPOWER Hub Project Officer Simon Kiragu(left),explains the use of new and improved clean cookstoves.

Themed ‘Innovate and Prosper’, the Nairobi Innovation Week was mainly designed to provide a national platform for showcasing and recognising the relevant outstanding innovations dotting the Kenyan landscape, while fanning policy discussions on disruptive and productive discoveries.

Kenyans in rural areas are embracing alternative clean energy innovations as the hope of getting electricity fades away due to the high cost.

wPOWER Hub at the Wangari Maathai Institute is working together with the Green Belt Movement, MacArthur Foundation, the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, CARE International, Solar Sister, Women for Women International and the Swayam Shikshan Prayog (SSP) India, to empower women energy entrepreneurs across Africa and India.



DorothywPOWER Hub promotes clean energy technologies at the Nairobi Innovation Week

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